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Summary0000024: How can the OBSERVER level Remository Members Download
DescriptionSo... I did a thing, I posted at Nordmograph's forum thread on J4 version.

Then I went to the link I posted and OMG, i noticed they cant just download it. Tho your intro paragraph says:

>>>the component is a free download - but you do have to register an 'Observer' subscription in order to access it. <<<

but I can't seem to find any link to download it, nor instructions or hints on how to do so. Could you add an instruction so they know? If you are busy, you can also send me a note on this to append to my post.

btw- please also review the forum entry and I will edit it if you like.
Steps To ReproduceMy Nordmograph forum post:

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2023-10-23 17:19

administrator   ~0000015

I have added a sentence after the statement that you have to register: "To do that, please click on "Register" in the main menu and complete registration details. Then log in and come here again, when you will find a prominent "Download" button.".


2023-10-24 04:32

manager   ~0000017

looks good.

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