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0000023RemositoryGeneralpublic2023-10-24 13:49
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Summary0000023: I tried to RATE the USER POINTS download - but it goes to PAGE NOT FOUND
DescriptionI tried to RATE the USER POINTS download - but it goes to PAGE NOT FOUND
Steps To ReproduceGO TO

in File Rating Box, select EXCELLENT

CLICK the RATE button:

It goes to this page:,fileinfo/

which states "The requested page can't be found."

note: "Error: 404" appears in the tab of the browser for that page.
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2023-10-22 23:42

manager   ~0000012

OH NO, I clicked on "ASK A QUESTION" (under SUPPORT on right side)... and it also was PAGE NOT FOUND. woops! there may be other links that don't work on that page, i am guessing.



2023-10-23 17:13

administrator   ~0000014

This was a bug in Remository. I have fixed it for the Remository site, and will issue a new version of Remository soon. I cannot reproduce a "page not found" on "Ask a question". It tells you to log in if not already done. If logged in, it offers a form to complete.


2023-10-24 04:28

manager   ~0000016

Last edited: 2023-10-24 04:31

The RATING issue is fixed. good job.

However, I still get the Page not found when clicking ASK A QUESTION - but the tab says ERROR: 403.
yet the URL looks right. please see attached screenshot. I am logged in for sure, b-t-w.
screenshot-pagenotfound.JPG (153,398 bytes)   
screenshot-pagenotfound.JPG (153,398 bytes)   


2023-10-24 13:49

administrator   ~0000019

I have found the cause of this now. If you are logged in as Remository Observer, the Q&A extension is configured that you cannot ask questions - you need a paid subscription. But it should handle this in a user friendly way, which it does not. I don't much like the Q&A extension - it looked good in screenshots but I don't much like the way it works in practice. Also it was expensive (around $150) so I haven't renewed the support. I think the best answer is to get rid of it. I'm thinking of replacing it with a FAQ extension since someone pointed me to the old FAQ for Alpha User Points (which could be migrated into a new FAQ extension). The existing FAQ is OK, but too restricted to cover Remository and User Points effectively.

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