Nowadays every web site should be secured. To achieve this requires a certificate. A certificate is what allows a web site to use https:// and causes the browser to show the familiar lock symbol.

You can obtain a free certificate from the Let's Encrypt ® service but it needs to be renewed before the end of three months. We can make that really easy. We can help you to automatically obtain and regularly renew a wild card certificate that will cover any web site that is based on your domains. For example, we own the domain and our wild card certificate for also covers or any other hostname based on With the help of our service, you will be able to use the DNS challenge method for a Let's Encrypt ® certificate.

To use our service, you must be able to amend records in the domain name server (DNS) for your domain. You must also be able to run a bash script, something that can be done on almost any Linux system. If you run the script on your web server, it is simple to use the generated certificates on that server without any further effort.

If you are unable to run scripts, please contact us, as we are looking at alternatives.

To use our service for up to 50 domains, take out a subscription and then login. You will then find detailed instructions on how to deploy the system.

Please note that we are not connected with Let's Encrypt® and fully acknowledge their registered trademark.


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