Technical: web related software development with PHP and MySQL or other database. As leader of the Mambo development team for around a year, Martin Brampton wrote the bulk of the changes to the Mambo content management system for its 4.6 release. Following his work on the development of Mambo, Martin created a new CMS called Aliro and wrote a book, published by Packt, “PHP5 CMS Framework Development”, which can be purchased from bookshops or from Amazon. He is also the developer of popular components for Mambo or Joomla! including Glossary (does what the name implies) and Remository (a sophisticated file repository application) which can be found on the Remository web site. Martin specialises in the creation and customization of Mambo/Joomla! applications or customization of those systems. In all of these activities, advanced object oriented principles are applied to the creation of top quality software.

Although Martin’s work is primarily aimed at technical solutions, Black Sheep Research is also able to provide a full range of web development solutions. Our US partners include

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