Remository link to web site

Remository is an excellent component for Joomla Рa neat file repository with a good range of functions and an attractive user interface.

Remository is developed by Black Sheep Research, and support services or customisation are available – contact us to discuss your requirements.

I got into this back in 2004 because my site was hacked through a security hole in Remository. It transpired that Matt Smith, previously Mr Remository, had gone off to do other things. Well, in the spirit of open source, if you want something done, one possibility is to do it yourself. So here we are. There has been a rapid series of small releases. The aim was to produce a single component that will work in any version of Joomla. The latest code works with PHP 7 and the newest Joomla version. But we also support a client who continues to run a successful web site based on Joomla 1.0.15 (updated with our improvements).

If you want a custom version of Remository, a Joomla web site, another component or other expert PHP development, discuss your needs with us.