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0000005RemositoryGeneralpublic2022-07-23 17:04
Reporteradmin Assigned Toadmin  
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Summary0000005: Error message on install into fresh Joomla 4 in WAMP
DescriptionAppears to happen only with a fresh Joomla 4. Reinstall of Remository does not show error, even if the component has been uninstalled. Problem is an error reported at line 125 of aliroAuthoriserCache.php because Use_CMS_Groups is not set. Don't know why.
Steps To ReproduceInstall Remository into fresh Joomla 4 under WAMP
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2022-07-23 17:02

administrator   ~0000002

The value of Use_CMS_Groups can be requested from the repository object before it has been set up. Created a public property for Use_CMS_Groups that is set to false until the object is fully set up. Hopefully this will obviate problems.

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