Hello, I'm Martin Brampton, welcome to the Black Sheep Research web site. Twenty years ago, I was drinking a pint of Black Sheep bitter and thinking about a name for my business as an IT Industry Analyst. Maybe it wasn't very original, but it quickly became Black Sheep Research. As things turned out, I soon went back to software, including the development of Remository. As well as the product itself,  I supplied custom versions to clients. From 2013 to 2016, I also worked as a Principal Software Engineer for MariaDB, the database company.

Along the way, web hosting became a necessary ingredient of everyday work. I gradually got more involved, and now manage hosting for select clients. As SSL grew in importance, Lets Encrypt® came along and provided free certificates suitable for all but the most demanding applications. The only drawback was difficulty with automation of renewals. Hence the service I'm now offering, based on the DNS method of authentication. If it can work for you, take out a subscription. Let me know if you need help, there's a "contact us" form at the bottom of every page.

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