Joomla set live_site in configuration.php

To operate correctly, a site built with Joomla! needs to correctly identify the site name. Something like https://black-sheep-research.com. The installation process does not ask for the site name, and the administrator configuration editor does not provide for setting it either. There is a variable in the configuration file (configuration.php in the rooot directory of the site) called $live_site but it is set to a null string by default. Yet in a default installation of Apache, Joomla will not work correctly…

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Stop Joomla! registrations with fake email addresses with our plg_user_check.

Having trouble with fake registrations that use non-existent email addresses? They clutter up your system and cause errors if you try to mail them. Prevent them happening. Install the Black Sheep Research email check plugin. Purchase it in our FastSpring shop, install the plugin into Joomla in the usual way. You need a Hubuco account and to configure the plugin with your unique Hubuco API key that you receive on registration. You’ll even get some free checks to try out…

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